About Us

Albemarle Animal Clinic was founded in 1957 by Dr. Bill Dobbs, making it the first veterinary clinic in Stanly County with the first licensed veterinarian in the area.

From its inception, Albemarle Animal Clinic has worked diligently to be a leader in veterinary medicine within the region. Albemarle Animal Clinic became the first computerized clinic in the county and strives to stay on top of the latest medical technology and practices.

Today we provide such advanced services as Digital Radiography, urinalysis (which incorporates facial recognition technology for sample evaluation), complete in-house laboratory diagnostics and Class IV therapeutic laser (or photobiomodulation), to name a few. Philosophically we strive to provide excellent medicine and surgery, at a reasonable cost, in a timely fashion, and in a friendly manner.

West Stanly Animal Clinic was opened in June of 2006. WSAC endeavors to take the philosophies and protocols of Albemarle Animal Clinic and provide veterinary services for our clients in western Stanly County, Mecklenburg, and Cabarrus counties. As a historical aside, Albemarle Animal Clinic founded Locust Animal Clinic in the 1970s, but sold it to Dr. Roger Hartsell.