Pet Pharmacy in Albemarle, NC

We have a fully-stocked pet pharmacy for our clients’ convenience at Albermarle Animal Clinic. Instead of writing a prescription and sending you somewhere else, we provide this option to help meet all of your pet’s medical needs in one location. We also have the option to do prescription refills right through our website.

Well-Stocked In-House Pet Pharmacy

Our in-house pet pharmacy is stocked with products recommended by our veterinary team. It includes medicines, nutritional supplements and preventatives for most common ailments. Instead of waiting for a prescription to be filled elsewhere, you can pick up many of the following right at our clinic the same day as your pet’s diagnosis:

  • Flea, tick & heartworm preventatives
  • Allergy medicines
  • Pet antibiotics
  • Pet antifungals
  • Dewormers
  • Pet antihistamines
  • Pet anti-inflammatory medicines
  • Pet arthritis medicines
  • Heart & thyroid medications
  • Pain medications
  • And much more!

We also carry specialty foods and nutritional products for certain pet health requirements, such as liver disease, kidney disease, urinary incontinence, weight management and more.

Albemarle NC Pet Pharmacy

Benefits of Our In-House Pet Pharmacy

The most obvious benefit of our in-house pet pharmacy is that it allows you take care of all your pet’s health care needs in one convenient location. We understand how frustrating it is to have your pet diagnosed with a problem, only to have to turn somewhere else to pick up the medication for it.

We can usually have your prescription filled and ready to go by the time your appointment with the vet is concluded. And our prices our very competitive with other leading pet pharmacies and websites.

Pet Pharmacy in Albemarle NC

Another major benefit is that you know our prescriptions are sourced from reliable pharmaceutical providers. Some online pet pharmacies may offer better prices, but you also run the risk of being sold a counterfeit medicine which will do more harm than good to your pet. The FDA notes that unreliable online sources are known to sell “knock-off” medications that are improperly labeled, expired, or may not even have the correct drug formulation.

When you have your prescriptions filled at our pet pharmacy, you will know that you are receiving the right product at an affordable price.

Get Your Rx Refills from Us!

If you need a pet prescription refilled, you can use our online form to do so. Then, you can either pick up the prescription at your convenience or have it shipped directly to you.

You can order prescription refills here from Albemarle Animal Clinic.

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